How do I create a recurring event on Workplace?

If your event has multiple dates, you can create a recurring event for your group.
To create a recurring event for your group when you're logged into Workplace from your computer:
  1. Click More > Events > Create an event at the top of your group's timeline.
  2. Add an event photo, then enter your event's name and location.
  3. Next to Frequency, click the dropdown menu to select whether you'd like your event to occur once, daily or weekly. To create a custom event frequency:
    • Click Custom and select the dates on the calendar that your event occurs.
    • Once you've selected the calendar dates, click + Add Time to add start and end times for each date. You can also click to check the box next to Add this time to all the event dates if your event is at the same time for each date. When you've finished adding a time, click Add.
    • After you've added a time, you can click to duplicate times for certain dates.
    • Click Done when you've finished.
  4. Add other details about your event.
  5. Click Create.
Keep in mind that events are limited to recurring 52 times, and location and timezone can't be edited once an event has started.
Learn more about managing events.
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